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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions + their answers
If you have a question which is not answered here, you can insert it into the forum.

Question:  If the game is something the players cost?

The game will be completely free, even on a fee premiumaccounts is waived

Question:  When the game is finished?

The game will be ready when it is ready ;-)
We hope, however, that we 2008 at the latest 2009 is ready, willing and able to determine, we are not, as many unpredictable factors for the releasedate responsible.

Question:  Can I help without a team member?

Yes, that can be awarded
Tell the people of DR2o or, if you have a website, put there links to DR2o.
You can also ideas and wish to DR2o forum, the team if they like you they may find later in the game again. Even in the general discussion forum on topics unrelated to DR2o have to do can help, because it comes activity in the forum, and that in turn attracts other, which again may also help

Question:  Is there such a thing as a newsletter?

Yes, newsletter will be sent on the forum. If you are in the forum, you can register a newsletter recipients group join. For each language, there is a separate group. Of course, you can also register in several languages, but it makes little sense to apply for a language which you can not understand ;-)

Question:  Can I apply for a preliminary version Register?

An advance registration or for a preliminary version is not currently possible.

Question:  Where can I register for the game?

A Registration for the game is not yet possible, because it is still not the game. When the time comes that you can register, it will certainly not be overlooked.